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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Soooo Long

No, I'm not saying good-bye. It's just been so long since my last post that I'm not sure what I want to say. First, there's not much that gets me motivated enough to type on the keyboard my toddler pulled keys off of the other day. I wasn't able to get some on well, and they have to be hit hard to work. He must have known that the space bar and the 'm' get used a lot. Actually, he selected mostly only the commonly-used letters. I sat there for at least an hour crying over my lost baby (the computer, not the kid - I didn't kill him, of course!) while trying to force those little things back into place.

I do have a bit of news to share (no, Mom, that's doesn't mean I'm pregnant). I started a sweater when I thought I'd go insane knitting that buttermilk-colored baby blanket. I'm 70% done with it, and I figured that, despite my vow to work only on it till done, I deserved a break. I mean, who wants to end up in a straight-jacket, banging their head against padded walls because of a never-ending knitting project? Seriously, I've got my kids for that.

And, anyway, I was really itching to use that Noro Kureyon my secret pal sent me. But, what do you do with those three skeins? Luckily, I've been coveting the stuff for quite some time and already had two pattern books featuring Noro yarns. So, (drum roll, please) I've finished the back and 3/4 of the front on the cute little red sweater on the front cover of the Noro Knits book that uses Noro in combination with another brand of yarn - Debbie Bliss?, if I remember right. I'm obviously not using the recommended yarn, or I'd know the brand. Mine's not red, either. It is really cool, though, and I'm loving this project even if it's a really simple knit. The Noro color changes make the whole process very mysterious. You have to keep knitting compulsively to find out how the colors will lay themselves out. Very fun. And, then there's the mystery of whether the Noro colorway, in all its funky glory, will even match the yarn you've chosen to go with it. And, luckily for me, it does. I'm really excited (but apparently not enough to have taken the time to document it for you in picture form - patience, I'll do it soon).

Well, I have expended way to much hand-energy hammering on the m-key. I've got to save my strength for knitting!