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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My First Bread

Mini Bread Loaf
Originally uploaded by The Stitchin Sheep.
Aw, int dat tweet. Her very first loaf of bread. It's a mini. She has been wanting to help Mommy a lot this past week. Sometimes it's great (like the fact that we can almost see the tops of the washer and dryer now - she put all her own clothes away). Other times it can hinder me somewhat. But, rather than tell her no, I'm trying to find ways she can feel helpful without slowing things down.

So, here's an instance where everyone was happy. I was making bread, and when I got to the kneading part, she wanted to help. You can imagine how long that would have taken had I allowed her to knead all 2 loaves-worth of dough by herself. We wanted to eat it earlier than next week, so I pinched off a chunk for her to knead herself. It's a bit like playing with play-dough for her, except she had a great edible treat afterwards. She loved it and was so proud. Next time, maybe I should have her make whatever fun shape she wants to make.

I also had a photo of another miniature object, but Flickr didn't like it for some reason. I'll have to try again tomorrow, because it's really quite funny.

On the knitting front, I was feeling a bit burnt out on the miles and miles of buttermilk-colored baby blanket. I just couldn't take it anymore (despite my vow to work only on it till it's done). That color is so bland. Who could blame me? So, I made a swatch for another project I'm hoping I can get it to work out alright.

I've got some really pretty aqua merino yarn that may go well with the Noro I got from my secret pal recently. I swatched the two together, but it's hard to say how they'll look, since the colors of the Noro won't spread themselves out like that on a sweater. I may just go for it and hope for the best - just tell myself that I knit for the pleasure of knitting and that I don't care if I need to frog an entire front of a sweater. Right. That's it. Mmmhmm.