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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Noro Sweater
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You remember back in high school when you were a junior, and you ended up in a computer programming class with a bunch of freshmen? Do you also remember how horrified you were to find that each and everyone of them was much smarter than you? I do. It was not a pleasant experience. My only saving grace was the pride a computer nerd freshman would take in helping an older damsel in distress.

Why am I bringing this up? Was this just a fun stroll down memory lane? What do you think? Nope. These thoughts all came flooding back to me because I had another one of those dumb-junior-in-a-class-full-of-freshmen moments the other day. How's that? Well, let me splain it to ya.

Here I am enjoying the easy knit that is my current work in progress, fascinated by the way the Noro colors are laying themselves out, and, of course, congratulating myself on a job well-done (even if this is an elementary sort of project). Then, it occurs to me that I must have looked at the size small's yarn requirements, and I should probably take a little gander at those for the medium. Surely, it'll need the same three balls of that Noro that I only have three balls of, right? Delusional as I was to believe this, I opened the pattern book with one eye closed. Squinting with the open eye, I saw that I needed four. This is when my junior year of high school came rushing back to me in a flash.

Luckily for me, though, the secret pal who sent me this yarn is sweet and just happened to be planning a stash enrichment expedition this weekend. Yay! Secret Pal to the rescue. And, of course she'll be getting a nice reward in return for her generosity. *Big sigh*

For now, though, we can admire the lovely vest. Can't wait for cool whether (well, that and the extra ball of yarn so it'll have two arms).