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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Cable Baby Blanket Progress

Also on the to-be-finished list is the Cable Baby Blanket I started many moons ago for my niece, who was born in April. So, in an effort to keep it from becoming a high school graduation gift, I am trying to knit only this project until it's done. We'll see if that happens. It goes pretty quickly, at least, and there's enough interest to keep me happy with it.

I love the way this blanket is turning out. It'll be so cozy and warm. It's really not a big deal that it didn't end up being a gift at the baby's birth, because it's going to be crib-size, so it'll last a while. She may still be in her little bassinette, so we're not even really late (Did you detect a note of rationalizing, there, or was I able to hide it?).