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Friday, June 03, 2005

Olé! Hot Tamales

Hot Tamales
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Well, they aren't really that hot. More in the mild to medium range, but very tasty. The kids even liked them, though they'd anything with corn (even out of a pigs trough, I suspect).

These are the beef ones. I think I made approximately 30 of them yesterday (if you can count, you'll realize there aren't that many in the picture - we did have to eat dinner, you know). That was one batch. I used up most of the beef mixture, but I've still got all of the pork one. The plan, because this is so time consuming and these babies freeze really well, is to make obscene amounts of them to have on hand for whenever I feel like heating some up. I'll have to get on that this afternoon. At least a good portion of the job is done. I just have to make more dough, wrap them up and steam them.

Mmmmm. So tasty!