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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Go Ahead, Make My Day

Okay, first, we'll start with yesterday, then get to an explanation of that Clint Eastwoodian title.

Though I finished folding up the millions of tamales and got them steamed up (if you've never tasted a sweet tamale, you're missing out, by the way - did a batch of those, too!), yesterday was not a great day.

First off, both kids are whinier than they've been in a really long time. The medicine-happy doc confirmed my suspicion that Lambchop #1 had had an allergic reaction to something (therefore necessitating TWO different allergy meds, apparently), though we're uncertain exactly what the culprit was. He also told me there was a possibility that some of the bumps she has were actually the Chicken Pox. The jury's still out on that, though the lack of tons more spots today makes me think they were just insect bites.

Second, and more tragic is the fact that my feral cat buddies that I was hoping to adopt have disappeared. I suspect that Bonne Maman likes to change homes frequently for the safety of the kitties. I'm all for that, but she didn't even leave a forwarding address, so I'm not sure what to think. This loss affected me much more that I would have expected. Going out and peeking in on the little family had brought me quite a bit of cute and cuddly joy in the past few days. I was really looking forward to the day, perhaps weeks from now when I'd have gained enough trust to touch one. And, then - poof - without warning, she moves them. Something is still eating at least the kitty food (though it could be another night animal), so I'm hoping that if I continue to feed them, they'll pop up again.

And, really, this saddened me. I sat there, tears falling into my tamales like a character in Like Water for Chocolate, and it hit me that cute and furry animals are apparently something I need in my life at the moment. First, I became too-quickly attached to our weekend canine visitor. Then, the kitties came and lit up my week. I'm wondering if with the loss of my grandparents earlier this year, I am somehow in need of a being to love unconditionally that will not expect anything from me in return. That's the only explanation I can think of for my reaction to the kitties' disappearance.

So, I've devised a plan, involving an open can of mackerel, a flashlight and a humane animal trap, to hopefully lure them back out of hiding. I'm not sure when I should strike, but I've at least acquired the materials.

Now, on to the Clint Eastwood line in my post title...

This morning, I searched high and low to find my black linen pants that are so comfy for hot weather. They were nowhere to be found, but while searching, I came across a pair of pants that I haven't even attempted to squeeze myself into since I became pregnant the first time. What made me try them again, I'll never know, but much to my surprise, they actually fit. That made my day! First, because I love these pants and thought they would forever be lost to me. And, second, apparently, the strict all-tamale diet I've been on for the past couple days must have worked wonders! At least something came along to brighten my day.