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Friday, June 03, 2005

Chicken Pox Mitten

Chicken Pox Mitten
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Yesterday, spots began to appear all over Lambchop #1. Having read the sign at school warning parents of the presence of the itchy-scratchy disease, I started looking into the Chicken Pox and its symptoms. It actually appears to have been a false alarm. The spots she has are most likely an allergic reaction to something (we'll be seeing the Doc about that later today), but like all good mothers, I threw her into a bath of colloidal oatmeal (which she found to be very tasty - don't ask) and promptly searched the net for the proper knitting project for the occasion. We don't want our baby to be forced wear Daddy's outdated, orange socks, now, do we? So, I cast on for some Chicken Pox mittens.

I chose to use cotton, because it's way too hot here for anything wool, even if cotton mittens sound strange. Using the only ball of cotton yarn in my stash that my apparently patriotic child agreed to (this is why large stashes are best, by the way - you can whip up anything on a moment's notice if you've got your own mini-LYS), I knitted up this little guy last night in a jiffy. She loves it and wants the second one pronto, even if her non-Chicken Pox rash doesn't really itch in the first place.

For anyone interested, I got the pattern here.
It was very easy to follow, which I'm hoping indicates an improvement in my knitting skills and knits up in a little less than 2 hours (not bad when you consider I was knitting Lion Brand Cotton on bamboo 3 mm dpns - not exactly the intended needles for this yarn).

These are so cool that there's already been a fight about them, and I'll have to make a pair for Lambchop #2 as soon as I'm done with these. That's not a bad idea, really, because even if we don't have the Chicken Pox here now, we likely will have it very soon, and these (and perhaps some hard liquor for Mom) may come in handy.