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Monday, June 06, 2005

Chicken Pox Mittens

Chicken Pox Mittens
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Last night after my lovable Lambchops were fast asleep, I got hard to work on my Bamboo shirt. I made plenty of progress on the first sleeve. Then, I took a look at it and decided to frog a large portion of it. It just didn't look right, most likely due to some lopsided, late-night decreases (note to self: don't work on decreases after midnight). So, I don't have any progress shots to show you.

Instead, I'll give you proof that I can actually finish two of a pair (this is something we've never seen happen here at the Stitchin' Sheep, so we must at least make note of it). I actually cast on for and finished the second Chicken Pox Mitten. Of course, nobody has Chicken Pox now, but you never know when these babies will come in handy. And, for now, they make really cute toy oven mitts, don't you think?

A recap on these: I used the pattern I gave you in an earlier post (but am now too lazy to look for). I knit them in Lion Brand Cotton in some patriotic colorway (I looked - I was right about the patriotic thing. It's called "Americana"). The pattern (yeah, again, sorry about the laziness) calls for 3.25 mm dpns, but I couldn't find mine, and since I'm all about the instant gratification thing, I cast on with 3 mm dpns. Worked out fine, but I'm sure they'd be slightly larger if done with the needles suggested. As they are, they fit my daughter like... well, like a glove. Not bad, since my intention was for them not to fall off while she was sleeping, so she wouldn't scratch at what I thought might be Chicken Pox itchies. Don't worry. I'm not too disappointed that she doesn't have it yet. It'll surely come, and probably pretty soon, since there are cases of it at school. So, I'll see these mittens used soon enough. Take a good look at that nice, fuzzy picture of the mittens for a moment. I love the diagonal strip of white that shows up on the left one. You know I, of course, planned that (why isn't it in the right one, then? - planned that, too). Cool, huh?