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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Baaaah, Baaaah, Baaaah

Isn't that what extremely happy sheep might say? Because I'm a very happy little sheep right now. I've been irritated for a long time about the fact that I cannot respond to people's comments when they make them. The only way I could do that with this blogspot site would be to comment in my next post. That might get a bit old to everyone who never really cared about my comments in the first place - not to mention the fact that the person who made the original comment would have to come back and visit a second time to see my response. But, that is no longer a problem thanks to I was roaming on another blogger run blog and decided to make a comment. Imagine my surprise when I realized the site had a different type of commenting capability. I looked a little closer and saw the haloscan reference, and, well... you now see the results. Happy, happy, happy! You'll be hearing from me soon (well, that's if you ever comment on my site).