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Monday, June 06, 2005

Been Dyeing To Tell You

Kool Aid Dyeing
Originally uploaded by Sheepish.
Oh, I know, I'm so punny.

Now, down to the serious stuff. Today, I decided to experiment a bit with Kool-Aid dyeing. I thought this would be a fun afternoon activity with Lampchop #1. So, we assembled all the ingredients (one skein Knit Picks Dye-Your-Own merino - check, two packets Cherry Kool-Aid and one Grape - check, vinegar - check), presoaked our yarn in a vinegar/water mix and waited.

Then, we shoved Lambchop #2 out the door with Muttonchop to deliver some of that tasty wine he keeps laying around. Ready? Lambchop? Are you ready? Lambchop?

Oh, there you are...