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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Thank You, Ladies

I'm feeling so loved and appreciated today - and you know we girls need that from time to time. Why am I feeling this way? Well, if you'll notice, I received two very kind comments yesterday. Not to offend any lurkers around here, because I often read and run myself, but we bloggers do love a good comment. I browse the comments of other knitting blogs, mouth agape at the idea of getting more than two at once. Can you imagine? There are actually people out there that must get hundreds per day to wade through. I'll settle for a small fraction of that.

Anyway, I just thought I'd thank the two ladies that felt drawn to my little sweater arm so much that they wanted to say something about it. I, too, like these stripes. And, so does my husband, by the way. As Anmiryam pointed out, that can be a rare trait in a man (all those colors). My response to her is that I think it's a European vs American thing. There are shirts hanging in my husband's closet that I, as an American woman, would never have picked out for a man to wear. And, my ex (a Spaniard) would always shock me with his choice of vividly colored button-downs. But, then, they always looked great on him, so maybe men who go colorless just need to get over it and see how great they might look.

I finished the entire arm, and the colors do look great on him, by the way. They go really well with his skin tone. so that makes me even happier. I'll try to get a nice picture of the finished sleeve a bit later. My next trick, I have realized, should be to make sure the body matches up to the sleeves in the stripe pattern. They will meet at the chest, you know, and since the body up to the the armpits is shorter than the arms, I'll have to calculate for that. It wouldn't be an issue if I were doing this top-down, but I wanted to try a bottom-up construction, so it'll take a bit more thought - nothing so hard as to make me hemorrhage, though.