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Saturday, March 26, 2005

The Promiscuous Knitter

Oh, how many people searching for naughty adult sites showcasing naked women with knitting needles are going to be disappointed to find themselves here? I love it! But, for those of you who have not recently picked up your trusty dictionary, I can assure you that "promiscuous" does not have to be used in describing sexual habits. It can be used to imply that a person is fickle with any action they choose to participate in. So, this is an ideal description of many knitters out there, not just myself.

Has this blog suddenly become an English course? No. So why, then, do I bring this to your attention? Well, you may recall that I currently have several unfinished projects lying around, taking up valuable knitting needles (improperly using them as stitch holders). They really need to be finished. The goal should be, then, to rid myself of these nagging obligations. Never mind the sense of accomplishment, think of the knitting needles to be freed forever (or at least until the next project shackles them to it for months)!

So, naturally, I have cast on for yet another project. This one's a quickie, though (don't you love the way I'm sticking with the promiscuity theme here!). Because, once upon a time, some knitter I know decided to make a cable baby blanket for her sister-in-law's daughter-to-be, and said baby will be upon us in a matter of weeks, said knitter has decided to get crackin' on the baby's other intended gift (so she will at least have something). So, I am happy to announce a pair of Basketball Hightop Baby Booties in the works. Since I've never seen any, I'm working from a bootie leftover from my kids and making things up as I go along. So far, so good. I hope to have a picture to show you of a finished bootie by the end of the day. With that said, back to work!