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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Mohair No Mo' Hair in the Face Scarf

Keeps that which is wild tame...

This picture is for you Bohemian Mama, though, I'm not all that proud of it. My sweet little daughter is modeling for us, since I can't very well take a picture of the back of my own head (and it does look better on her, anyway). You really can't see much of the lace detail. Trust me when I tell you it's better that way. A close-up I took of it shows just how horrible I was doing with the yarnovers with this mohair. This is definitely an acquired art. I've since improved with the feather and fan shawl I'm working on (not to mention the fact that the yarnovers are easier to see with the other yarn.

I tried blocking this thing twice, and it just won't keep it's form. I'm wondering if the small amount of nylon in the yarn is causing this. It's either that or the fact that it gets pulled taut over my head at night, causing the blocking to get stretched out (does this happen??). Either way, it doesn't really matter that much to me, because I only wear it for bed. It's comfy, lightweight, and it does the trick. I highly recommend turning any shawl into a head scarf - most especially those that are proving to be a real monkey on the back of your knitting needles.