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Thursday, April 21, 2005

A Little Htmling

Well, I've done a little (very minimal, really) work on my site. I've been pretty lax about that since putting my site together and fancying it up from the plain old skin Blogger gave me. I've been meaning to add some more blogs to my blogroll, because I actually use that as a navigation point, myself. So, if you look to the right over in the side bar, you'll see that my list of stash enrichment sites has grown ever so slightly, as has the good 'ole blog roll (ooh, ooh, we're rhyming here!). Those sites are in no particular order at all. I was too lazy to alphabetize, and I won't tell you which are my favorites. I just browse them when I feel like being jealous of others knitters' progress (not to mention the comments they receive). And, just for fun, I've added a new section for online knitting magazines. I get the feeling I've left something out. I feel like there is something else I read for pattern goodies and other fun, but I can't think of what it is. Oh well, it'll come to me. And, there's a new radio-type site there with knitting content. I haven't gotten the chance to really get to know it well, but I want to get back there, so I've put it up on my site (plus, since they're new, they could probably use any bit of advertising they can get). Oh, yeah, Interweave Knits' online page is the other one I was thinking about. I'll have to add that in.

I've still got to get some buttons put up. I think there's one for the Not Yarn Along. I'll have to go snatch it later and get it up there. And, I guess it's too late to put the Secret Pals 4 one up. I think I actually downloaded it to my computer but never got around to putting it on my site. Oops. So, have fun roaming the new bits and pieces if you are up to it.