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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Getting To Know You...

Getting to know all about you. Remember that song? Along with "You Are My Sunshine," I think my mother used to sing it to me when I was little - that and a bedtime version of Simon & Garfunkel's "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover". Don't worry. It was all very G-rated the way she sang it... "Get in bed Fred," etc.

All of that is totally off subject, though. It's just the first song reference that has anything to do with what I want to talk about. As I mentioned in my last post, I am getting to know my camera better. And, you know, it's got quite a few capabilities I wasn't aware of. If you've got a digital camera with all sorts of little pictograms and menus everywhere, but you don't know what they mean, I suggest you read the manual. I know, sounds like drastic measures, but, you know, they say that the Japanese have a much higher success rate with condoms because they read the instructions. I'll bet the same could be said for cameras. Don't tell me you don't have time to read it, either. Read it instead of the morning paper one day. Or instead of a few blogs. It'll be worth it. In fact, it's sure to make your blog look better. You may just find a new interest in photography. Watch out, though, because it can also give you a deep need desire for a much fancier camera that just might hamper your ability to purchase other necessities like... yarn and needles and, I don't know... food, maybe.

Seriously, it could become an obsession. I mean, I was so eager to try out my new-found knowledge in daylight that I took these pictures at breakfast. Couldn't wait. Just to vary the poses, I've got them growling like animals here. They seemed to be having fun. Incidentally, Lambchop #2 would make an excellent model No, that's not a proud mommy tooting her own horn. I just mean that when you tell him to do something or pose some special way, he'll do exactly that and actually stay there. Lambchop #1 is a little more antsy, and Lambchop #3 just likes to grab for the camera.

I've even taken quite a few shots of my current knitting just to see how best to shoot it to get a nice image with good color and all. I may or may not have taken more pictures of this ball of yarn and Co. than I took of the kids this morning. In my defense, though, they move a lot more, and I had to get them dressed for school, too. The knitting is patient and waits till after they're gone and the house is quiet.

This will eventually become a little summer t-shirt I'm designing for Lambchop #3. She looks pretty cute in purple, and I've had this yarn for years (Patons Grace, which is 100% mercerized cotton). I originally bought it to make a little something for Lambchop #1. Inspiration never came, though, and now it wouldn't be enough yarn to make anything for her. It should work out fine for the baby, though. The t-shirt I'm making will hopefully be entirely or almost entirely seamless, depending out whether I knit the sleeves in the round like the body. We'll see when I get there. And, if it turns out like I'm hoping, I may just share the pattern with you.

I think we can safely say that with better knowledge of my camera's functions and my new computer, with its faster picture uploads, you will see more and more photos on the blog - something my family will surely enjoy, since my children are often the subjects. And, with any luck, they'll be nicer to look at, too.

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