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Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Silver Lining

It would appear that I have a lot to say these days. I seem to be blogging much more than usual. Maybe not having my computer in the house for so long made me grow fonder of the whole blog world. Or maybe it's just because I have so many projects going at the moment. Sure, the house is a tiny bit messy, but haven't we come to expect that from me? I have to enjoy my life, too, right? So, I craft. Given the last several posts' content, though, you'd think I have given up knitting altogether. Not true. In fact, I have a couple of projects actively on the needles these days. I'll admit they're mindless ones, but a project's a project's a project.

I still pull out my little alpaca vest I've been working on when the mood strikes me. I may get it ready before it gets too hot to wear it. Then again, I may not. Then, there's the knitted rug. Remember that one? Every knitter and their cat are resurrecting old projects to either finish or rip out and get rid of. I haven't joined along, officially, but maybe I've been inspired. Or, perhaps inspiration came in the form of tiny slits in all my shirts (caused by the kitchen cabinet, remember?). There's nothing like new "yarn" to get a knitter going. I've got plenty of new colors now, so I've set to work chopping the shirts up, knitting the resulting "yarn".

The long strip of dark gray as well as the long blue one just before it are the new additions. The rest of it has been there for months, waiting to be added to. The previous parts came from button-down shirts, which are a real pain to cut up. That was all I had to work with, though, so I went with it. The last two sections I recently added come from two long-sleeved t-shirts I had. I'm planning to massacre a red one pretty soon, so that should add some life to the thing. I have no idea if I'm actually going to like this rug when it's done, but I'm going with the flow of it for now. No plan of action for the arrangement of colors, either. Just letting the next available shirt decide. I'm pretty excited that I have a green one coming up. That should really spice things up (see what passes for excitement around here?).

On the sewing front, I still haven't found the time to put my kimono shirt together. I've already got a quick new project planned, though. As I was leaving the thrift shop the last time I went, I fondled a black and white striped tank top. Doing so caused it to fall off its hanger. This, in turn, made the shopkeepers think I wanted it, but I had already paid. They, literally, receive tons of clothes. They don't know what to do with them all. So, they gave the fallen shirt to me. It's not even my size, and I'm even sure that after significant weight loss its intentionally tight design would ever look good on me. The upside is that with a slight modification to the straps (which will be easy, given the way they are attached), it'll fit Lambchop #1 nicely (like a slightly loose-fitting long shirt for now). I've ransacked my smallish fabric stash to find something to make ruffles to attach to the bottom of the tank to get a nice summer dress. There wasn't really anything that would work, though. I'm planning a trip to the fabric store this week to find some (among other things). My preference would be some bright pink and some lime green. I think that using those two colors for skirt ruffles would make an adorable, very modern-looking dress for her.

Well, Lambchop #3 would like to do some typing for you. I'll let her say a few words, then we've got lunch to prepare...
b b0- b i ok,nbbbbbbbbbbb

I think we all know what she means. But in case, you weren't sure, let's let her reiterate:
uyv kvb7 vb c m 4 8k0k0

Yep, that's what I understood the first time.

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