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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Happy Disasters

As was expected, Carnaval day was somewhat disastrous, but in a good way, apparently. Or, at least, they seem to have had fun marching down the streets of the town in their costumes. Lambchop #2, it being his first time, came home exhausted but really excited about his day. Lambchop #1 came home in her street clothes, with her princess dress in a shopping bag. Don't worry, it wasn't out of shame. The teachers averted emotional disaster in the morning by changing her out of her dress. Then, she put on her princess get-up later with all the other kids. Whew! She shouldn't be emotionally scarred after all. The dress came home in a bag, because a little boy in her class pushed her down in the mud. It was literally covered in mud and straw and other nastiness. It looked like she had decided she was a pig instead of a princess and rolled in a mud puddle for several minutes (easy mistake to make, what with the pink fabric and all). I actually should have taken a picture of that mess. It was way more impressive than the dress itself. I got it soaked while the mud was still wet, and it all came out, though, so everyone is happy.

Batman didn't survive even that well. Actually, I'm not sure this happened at school, but I just thought to take a picture of the cape and saw a hole in it. Synthetic felt is great for the fact that there's no need to sew the hems, but it's also great for holes. Just not a sturdy fabric. It's a great prototype, though, and I'll look for some other black fabric for a better costume soon. At least now I have a quick and simple pattern made out. It should be a quick job the next time. No point in making the hat with the felt, though. Surely, it wouldn't last long. I will still try to take a picture of the cape, but when I got to him with the camera, he had already taken it off.

Instead, I'll show you a little shot I took of the happiest baby in the world. People are always surprised by how smiley she is. She loves to smile at people she doesn't know well, so they always get the impression she never cries. I guess I'll let them continue to live in their little fantasy world, but we all know the truth. She is a smiley kid, though. Here's the proof. And, take a look at that fancy sweater with the cute froggie buttons. She's adorable in it. It's almost like her Aunt Disentangled knew she was going to be a blond that'd look great in these colors. And, the cotton yarn was a perfect pick for that size sweater. Just in time for the Spring season. Thanks, Aunt Dis.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some much neglected household chores to get to. Ooh, and that little kimono-style sweatshirt I'm making for myself out of an old acrylic dress. Pictures of that project coming soon (and maybe a little tutorial for how to do it yourself, too). It's all cut out and pinned. I just have to find some sewing time soon.