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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


A commenter recently asked for the pattern for the Superman cap I made a while back. I always neglect to mention where I get patterns when I show off the finished object. I probably forgot with that one, too. It was something I came up with on my own, because in searching the internet, I didn't find a chart I liked for a good Superman logo. Lambchop #2 has a Superman coloring book around here somewhere that had a great example of the more modern logo they came out with for the new Superman. So, I sketched it onto some knitter's graph paper and forced it to fit into the squares until I was satisfied it actually resembled an S.

Having done it by hand meant that I would later have to convert it into an Excel graph or something in order to share it. I think you're starting to see why it hasn't happened until now. I spent my entire morning on it today, though. It probably shouldn't have taken that long, but I started out using the Test Drive Excel that came with my new computer (too lazy to install the real deal). As it turned out, they've disabled the print options necessary to save the file as a pdf. So, I had to take the time to install the new software, which needed to be done anyway. I later learned that all of my work in Excel had led me to discover that the copyright information I wanted to put in the footer was too large for the Excel footer options. Anyway, long story shortened, I got it all put together after retyping way more things than necessary. I guess knitting and sewing aren't the only activities around here that involve lots of trial and error (come to think of it, are there any that don't?).

So, click on over to my pattern page if you're interested in the Superman logo chart. I did not include an actual hat pattern, because I forgot to write mine down as I was doing it, and there are plenty of hat patterns out there to work with that are surely better than mine was.