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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

So Bad

I swear I could eat my weight in Rice Krispie Treats. I made an entire 13"X9" pan of them last night, and they're almost gone now. The problem with them is that they aren't the least bit filling, they're addictive, and they bring back fond memories of my childhood. Luckily, the whole family seems to have the same problem I do with them, despite the fact (HA! That word came out as "fat" the first time I typed it - coincidence? I think not!) that they don't have the childhood memories attached to them.

I'll just keep telling myself that they are a treat for all of my many decluttering accomplishments of the day. I'll be ignoring the fact that they aren't the least bit good for me (aside for the fact that they're made of a vitamin fortified cereal that is supposedly low(er) in sugar). And, no, I don't want to know what's in those marshmallows. It couldn't be good, and I most likely wouldn't be able to pronounce the majority of the ingredients.

Luckily for me, we're in the best fruit season of the year with yummies such as fresh melon (the French Charentais melon is by far the best), cherries, apricots, nectarines, peaches and, if I'm lucky, I can still find some strawberries here and there. If not for that, I'd sure be tipping the scales at 200 lbs by now, because the sweet cravings just keep coming these days.

And, a bit of good news:
As we all know, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. My husband doesn't have the time necessary to be as squeaky as I would have liked, but I badgered him till he remembered to call the car insurance company several days in a row (because, not only do we still not have a new car a month and a half after the accident that totalled the old one, but we don't even have the check for the old one yet). They finally called back this morning saying the check would be in the mail tomorrow morning. Good thing, too, because this could actually mean we may have a real five-seater before we even need a real five-seater.

And, a little teaser:
I've taken tons of pictures and have some fun posts planned for the next day or two. Till then, you can find me hovering over the pan of Rice Krispie Treats.