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Monday, May 22, 2006

And, The Winner Is...

And, The Winner Is...
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Lambchop #1 (she is number one, after all)! This was one of the little games they had set up at her school's fund-raising fair. The kids had a great time, and it pleased me to be able to contribute some baked goods for the cause. All of my 50-60 cookies seemed to have sold by the end of it. I don't know how much they were selling them for, but if it was the 3 for 1 euro price they had put on some similar sized Moroccan yummies, I turned a few bucks worth of ingredients into an okay little donation for the school. Nothing huge, but it's nice to be able to share the wealth we don't actually even have in that way. Bake sales are good for that.

Anyway, this picture shows how hard she is concentrating in keeping that bean bag on her head. It was really cute to see how slow she walked and rode the bike (there were two parts to the task). She wasn't actually competing with anyone else, but she really enjoyed doing it.