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Monday, May 22, 2006

Baby Kimono, At Last

Baby Kimono
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You've occasionally seen some actual knitting around here from time to time. I don't talk much about it these days, but I actually get a little knitting done everyday these days. The baby shawl I'm working on, for example, is coming along nicely. I've done a bit more than a third of the center square and expect to have that part done in the next three weeks or so (given my current rate of one pattern repeat per evening while watching a movie).

As you know, I had sat the baby kimono aside to start that baby shawl, and hadn't looked back since. Well, not until yesterday, at least. That's because it was kind of a boring knit (no matter how cute it is finished), and I made it even slower by knitting it in very unflexible cotton. Yesterday, though, we visited some friends who live almost two hours from here. The ride up was just enough time to finish the knitting that needed to be done, and I sewed the sucker up and did the edging last night and today. You may notice I modified the pattern slightly (aside from not using the recommended yarn - not even sure what that was). Instead of sewing on a little ribbon to tie, I decided to crochet a contrasting color around the edges and make a tie with that. I kind of prefer this effect over the plainness of the blue all by itself. It really spices up the whole kimono. And, something I really love about it is the bumpiness of the blue yarn. That particular yarn is a bit nubby, and, though it's occasionally a pain to knit with, it gives great texture to the finished garment.

And, for those who are curious the yarn details are:
Navy: Cotton Flamme by Crystal Palace Yarns (generously donated by my sister-in-law - thank you, thank you).
Limey Green: Some kind of Rowan Cotton (100%) that I seemed to have misplaced the tag for (I actually had it earlier this afternoon!!).
Both colors were just a color number. There was no name, which is a bit boring, but oh well - the colors are cute.

The next step here will be to make some little green booties with blue trim. I've got more green than blue yarn left, and I think that will look cute with the kimono.