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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Go With the Flow Sock

Go With the Flow Sock
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For some reason I can't for the life of me think of a post heading better than simply stating what's in the picture. Lack of creativity today, I guess. There will be days like that, right?

Anyway, just a little bit of quick info here...

As is always the case, when we get something new, we've got to try it out as soon as possible, right? A while back, I mentioned that I was in need of some needles for a couple of projects, but that purchasing them would just have to wait. Well, the very generous Anmiryam over at Gromit Knits sent me some (she, like most knitters and unlike me, has a healthy stash of needles to go along with her healthy stash of yarn), as well as some sock yarn I'll have to show off soon. Now I can make socks on needles smaller than 3 mm (I remember back when I used to hate to knit anything with needles smaller than that). This is wonderful, as it actually opens up many possibilities for me in the way of yarn and patterns (both of which I already have a few options for).

So, after a rocky little start (for some reason, my brain could not work out which should be the right and which should be the wrong side of the sock for way longer than I care to admit), I got going in the right direction, finally. Now, they're just flying along at an alarming rate - or maybe I've been knitting for an alarming number of hours these past few days. Either way, I'm very pleased with the progress. I think I will very soon be ready to turn the heel, which, for some reason, I really love doing (I accidentally just typed "dong" instead of doing, which brings back memories of the Sixteen Candles Chinese exchange student character - giggle, giggle - this also reminds me of calling FedEx to track a package once and ending up with "Hung Lo" on the other end of the line. Him: "Hello, I'm Hung Lo. How may I help you?" Me: "Well, now, are you? I'm sure we can find some way for you to help me." I didn't really say that, but it took a lot of courage not to giggle like a teenager on that one. *Please excuse the inappropriate aside).

Anyway, this is the ever-popular-in-knitblogland pattern for the Go With the Flow Socks from Interweave Knits (I can't remember which addition right now, and I'm way to lazy to actually go check). I'm knitting them with Knit Picks Essential superwash sock yarn. It's a little scratchy feeling for now, which I'm concerned about. I hope it'll all come out in the wash, as they say. I love the color, though. It's "fawn". I kind of like the combination of somewhat bland, not-so-feminine colors spruced up with a cute lace pattern. So, I'm really falling in love with this pattern knit with this yarn.

Well, I should end this here, partially because you can only blabber on for so long about an unfinished sock, and partially because, as is always the case around here, we like to follow one child illness immediately with another. It appears that Lambchop #1 has contracted something new (You have to admire her for originality - she couldn't just have the sore throat her brother brought into the house. She had to come up with something new to wow us with.). I'm not even really sure what the symptoms are yet. She was extra whiny a bit earlier and took a long nap, which is always a good sign that she's sick. When she awoke, she complained of a sick tummy that she now says isn't so bad. All I can say for sure is she's got some really rosey cheeks and a warm little forehead that'll probably turn out to mean she's got a fever. When does this stuff end? Is there some point when stop bringing home every friendly virus they meet at school or playgroup? Should I just lock them up till their about 10 and hope it's all over by then?