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Monday, May 22, 2006

Careful Or It'll Stay That Way

Making Faces
Originally uploaded by The Stitchin Sheep.
No, before you ask, I'll just tell you that there's nothing wrong with his eyes. Well, nothing except that if he doesn't stop making those silly faces, it's going to stay that way (right?). At least, that's what we're always told as kids. This isn't actually the worst picture of him doing this. I thought this one was pretty cute until I saw it nice and large on my computer screen. That's when I noticed the funky eye thing. He's still cute, though (a mother is never biased on that sort of thing, of course).

And, just notice how well we planned our outing at the school fair. Check out the bright orange shirt and hat. And, notice his sister is wearing red (that was just coincidentally a good choice on her part). Perfect attire for crowds of little children. We're actually lucky the school I did my graduate studies at has orange as their school color. My parents sent this hat for Christmas, and we're doubly lucky that he loves it and wears it everywhere. It's from UT Austin, in case you're wondering. And, Mom, the boy knows what's good for him, because he won't even touch the Aggies hat you thought was so cute. Ha! So, you're little joke didn't pan out, after all. His sister likes to wear it from time to time, though. But, then, that fits really well with the whole rival thing, doesn't it?