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Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Mystery Knit

The Mystery Knit
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I know I have to try to put my money where my mouth is a little more often these days. This photo represents an effort at doing just that. I said I had been doing some knitting. I said I'd try to post a picture soon, and hey, for once, it has actually happened. Yay for me!

So, any guesses as to what this funky little piece of knitting will be? I'm not telling till it's all done and put together. As a little hint, I'll at least tell you that not all three of those needles are needed. I'm only using the one in the middle. The other two are just place holders, because I didn't like the way the traditional stitch holders kept me from understanding the layout of this knit.

Also, take a little peek at the clean floor behind that chair. The plan, this morning, was to get back to work on planting in the spots I prepared yesterday. A different task began calling to me when I awoke this morning, though, and I went with it.

We have this linoleum floor all over the place in this temporary home, and it's really hard to keep clean (especially if you've got kids). It takes on stains like nobody's business. A red note-paper fell on the floor and got wet once. Before it was picked up, it had forever left its mark.

I usually don't get the time to fully scrub at all these stains. What I usually have time for is a quick swishity-swoosh around the room with a wet/soapy mop after having spot sprayed the bad spots. I always tell myself it's better than nothing, and that I'll get to doing it more thoroughly later, but it rarely happens. Today it did. I actually got out the scrubber brush and everything. I even cleaned under the kitchen sink, which between you and me was a little scary from - you know, we don't even want to get into that. I even decided that I'd give the curtains that usually hide that under-the-sink mess a good washing. They'll probably never look brand-new again, but I'll settle for clean.

I'm telling you, people, there really is nothing like pregnancy to get a house clean. Now let just see if I can maintain the kitchen as well as I have been able to maintain the bedroom (over a month now, and still tidy and clean).