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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Cross Your Fingers...

For three things:

First, that I'm able to move tomorrow (and not like some little crochety old lady) after having spent two hours digging rocks out of the portion of the garden that will soon hopefully sprout up some root veggies. Normally, I think I could probably handle such a task, but with my ever-expanding belly, and the overly-extended tummy muscles that come along with it, I was not prepared.

First, I tried crouching like a baseball catcher. The problem with that is that I don't have the best knees around. Lots of sports as a child and teen saw to that. After half an hour, I abandoned that posture for something a little cosier. I ran (well, hobbled, really) over to the winery to grab my handy stool. It sits pretty low to the ground and was ideal for such a task. I must have looked like the world's laziest gardener, but it was just thing I needed to help me last the next hour and a half. Then, after coaxing my back and legs into a standing position, I drew some crooked rows in the dirt and haphazardly tossed some seeds in the furrows I'd made. It won't be a garden to brag about, but hopefully it'll produce some food for us to eat (even if that does include crooked carrots because I didn't get all the rocks out).

Second, that my energy level will remain high. With illnesses floating around the house day in and day out for the past few weeks, I've not have too much energy for housework or anything else. A few days ago, though, after a particular ugly fight with a stomach bug, I had my first burst of energy since probably close to a month ago. It allowed me to get large amounts of household chores done, though that still doesn't catch things up. Since it really would be nice to actually get things caught up, let's just hope the energy sticks around for a while.

And, third, that I'll get the time to share a picture or two with you tomorrow. I baked a lovely chocolate zucchini cake, which was the ideal way of tricking my veggie-hating son into chowing down on something green. I caught him with his hands dirty with chocolate, so I'll try to post that soon. Then, there's the still-yet-to-be-snapped shot of my belly. I am still pregnant, and appearing even more so by the hour, it seems. My very patient mother is dying for a peek at my mid-section. I don't do those bare belly shots, because, well, I've got a little pride, but I'll get a photo taken soon enough of me fully dressed, anyway. See you then!