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Thursday, January 05, 2006

That's My Kind of Gift!

Old Spinning Wheel
Originally uploaded by The Stitchin Sheep.
So, I've already mentioned that we draw names for the gift exchange in my husband's family. It's handy, since there are 4 siblings, plus the parents. You pretty much concentrate on getting a couple (or one) nice thing(s) for one person. Most of the time, it works out quite well for everyone involved. It saves time, and if you're lucky, and the person really thought out your gift, you really enjoy what you got.

Can anyone else tell I hit the jackpot this year? Look what I got! So, it's not new, and it's missing some pieces, but we're very hopeful we can remedy that. Months ago, I mentioned to my sister-in-law, who frequents antique/used furniture dealers (as well as other used object shops) to let me know if she ever saw a spinning wheel. I know they can be hard to get back to working order (if even possible), but I thought it may be worth the risk.

Well, months passed with no mention of a wheel. As it turns out, though, her husband drew my name. And, look what they found on ebay. I have no clue how old it is, and its bobbin and flyer were missing. I've been over to house to check her wheels out for comparison, and I think with a bit of ingenuity, we can make this thing work at least a little. It'll be a little moody, I suspect, but then, that's what you often get with crotchety old ladies, right?

You may also notice that there is a flyer up there. It's from Louise's Louet wheel. She gave it to me, and I must say that given the price of these things, it was extremely generous of her to do so. I do believe I'll have to do something to thank her.

So, there you have it, folks. A Christmas dream come true. Let's just hope we can get it rigged up to work. I'll be documenting the rigging, which should be interesting. You just never know what you're capable of when you're cheap enough to attempt making your own bobbins (because they don't just give those things away).