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Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Real Me

The Real Me
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I know people have been reading this blog from time to time, and since I rarely post a picture of myself, you may have wondered what I look like. I know, the writing would have to think I'm at least 5'10" and supermodelesque, but, alas, this is not so.

In the previous post I showed a picture of myself. It was a close-up, and I feel the proximity of the camera to my face distorted things a bit. I worked on getting a better shot, and I really think this one is a much better likeness. I swear. If you're a parent of toddlers, you'll understand that this expression is possibly used a lot more than a regular, ole smile is. Ain't that right?

(Yeah, I can't believe I'm actually posting a picture of myself that looks this ridiculous on the internet. We'll just go with it. I'm feeling wacky today.).

AND... Since "everyone is doing it," I had to join in. I have never actually been much of a joiner, and I feel stupid doing it, but I guess it's better to jump on the bandwagon now than to be that last person who's caught dangling from the rope that hangs off the back end of the bandwagon (scraping your stomach and legs on the ground like in one of those movie stunts). I'm just not in that kind of shape, so I'd better join in now.

So, I've got one of those Frappr maps. I want to see where my readers are. Go click on it, and show me where you are. Yeah, all both of you!

Check out our Frappr!