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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I Got Nothin'

I have been remiss. You may have noticed the amount of time that has passed since my last post. It's been a whole four days, which is rare around here. This is all because of bad weather. I know you usually blame the cancellation of a concert or soccer game on the weather, but a blog post? How does that happen? Well, when is rains really hard with light and sound effects, everything has to get unplugged around here. Anything not unplugged risks getting zapped. Once it was a phone. This time it was the little computer on the fridge - the part we've never even had the chance to use yet where you can have running water and ice cube. Now the thing is forever set to the default - whatever that might be. This all reminds me that I'm supposed to be on the web looking for a replacement, but I'm here blogging instead.

The other excuse I had for not blogging is illness. We've all been pretty yuckified this past week or so. Some stomach bug has made its way into the family and has zapped me of energy and the desire to do much of anything. No extreme symptoms. Just fatigue and mild nausea, and no 24-hour thing. This has gone on all week. It's icky. Had me even wondering if we were having a third child. We're not, though. So, don't get all excited, huh Mom?

This is pretty much why I've got nothing for you today (aside from a little virus to pass). The only thing I can think to say came to me when I read Rachael's most recent post about stupid worries.

I'll just give you what I said in her comments (you'll notice I'm a comment hijacker)...

Had a stupid worry moment just this morning. Had the rare pleasure of passing three military vehicles in the ten minutes it takes to get from home to school to pick up my daughter. One was a tank, and one of the jeeps stayed camped out on the road next to my home (this is a country road, not a neighborhood). My first stupid worry: "Can the military pull you over for a ticket in France??" Second stupid worry: "Are there rioters in our quiet village that I'm not aware of?" Third stupid worry: "What if they're doing some weird covert ops exercises in the underbrush next to our home, while using live ammo?" This last one isn't all that weird, because then, they just may as well be the civilian hunters we get out her all the time. Eek!