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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Three Guesses!

Durrow Cable Sleeve
Originally uploaded by The Stitchin Sheep.
So, anybody have any idea what this is? Okay, well, obviously, it's some new knitting. And, since I'm so excited about this new project that I can barely contain myself, I'll tell you what it is.

But first...

I've got to keep you in suspense and lead into it slowly, so... remember how I've been badgered by our largest family member (the guy who's about 6'1") for a new sweater ever since I mistakenly made that nice blue manly sweater from SnB a little closer to my size than his? Then, there was the attempt to make the stripey thing in the round that ended in me ripping out the entire body due to incorrect sizing and possible lack of yarn to finish. So, obviously, we can all see that I'm not meant knit this man a sweater. He has clearly done something to anger the knitting gods (perhaps it is his lack of enthusiasm when I start a new, really cool project - yeah, we'll say that's it).

But, since you never can tell when you're back in favor with the gods, I'm making another attempt at knitting him a sweater. You may remember a while back that I bought an enormous amount of Anny Blatt Dandy yarn (a beautiful wool/silk blend). I went for overkill and bought way more than I should ever need and waited for inspiration to strike.

And, strike it did - in the form of Mag Knits newest edition: the Durrow cable men's sweater. My husband may not have the scooter and helmet to match his sweater, but I think he'll be able to pull it off quite well without them.

I've started with the sleeve, because I was so excited about doing that cable. I have been in love with the assymetric quality of Durrow cables, and I have been wanting to give one a go for quite a while. I actually almost used one for that cable baby blanket a while back, but it didn't fit in the way I wanted (intrepretation: too complicated for my budding cabling skills). Now, after getting some more cabling under my belt, I was finally able to figure out that whole mess where you make one stitch into three without it looking hideous. My excitement at that achievement actually had me awake half the night (it's pathetic, I know). Because, if you look at the pattern, you'll see what I saw: If I can do that, I'm a real, live advanced knitter now! I swear, the proof is in black and white right there on the pattern page for all to see. Kinda makes a girl giddy, don't it?