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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Charity Capelet

Charity Capelet
Originally uploaded by Sheepish.
Before I dig into this post and tell you all about what's in that picture, let me first apologize for the quality of it. We've had no sunshine today (and I finished this after dark, anyway), and the flash has completely altered the color. It's actually like a brick red. Then, there's the horrible framing of the thing. I have a really good excuse for that. It's because the lighting in the room was so bad that I couldn't actually see the shot in my camera tv window until after I took it. This is the best I got.

Okay, now that I got that over with, what is this thing? If you own SnB Nation, you may recognize it as the Spiderweb Capelet. If you've ever looked closely at that capelet, you may recognize it for what it really is: a screwed up Spiderweb Capelet.

Part way through the pattern, I realized that I misread part of the instructions. Thing is, though, this is something I'm knitting for a charity craft bazaar benefitting US hurricane survivors, so there was no way I was frogging the thing. I just kept on knitting it with my "design detail" to give it an "on purpose" regularity. I think my oops messed up the sizing (Or perhaps the model is quite a bit more anorexic than she looked to me in that photo - does the camera add 10 or 100 lbs? I don't recall.), because it'll be great for a preteen. Actually, that's not so bad, really, because this style is all the rage with the young'uns these days, right?

Anyway, I kind of like it "my way". It gives it waves on the bottom edge that I don't think are in the original. Took me maybe three hours to knit, including my trouble grasping the pattern (which I will swear is due to my general feeling of yuck today - tummy illness seems to have jumped from Lambchop #2 to Mommy). I've got enough yarn to give it another attempt, too, so we'll see what I come up with between now and the 27th (the craft bazaar).