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Monday, September 19, 2005

Overwhelmingly Overwhelmed

Blogger is evil. The proof is in this empty post. I just spent half an hour explaining the post title, as well as why I haven't posted much lately. I even gave a glimpse of knitting content to come. All of this was wiped away with the stroke of a computer key. Blogger asked me to sign in (I must have timed out, somehow) before continuing. Having never had this problem before, I figured it would just proceed as normal. Not so, and we all know clicking my way back to the post would be no good. The only content still there was the post title. Evil. I'm telling ya. It's evil. If Bush wants to locate that now-famous Axis of Evil, he should start a little investigation of the Blogger team, doncha tink?

Needless to say, we won't be redoing, so you'll just have to imagine what might possibly be so overwhelming to me. Hey, for fun, you could always leave comments about what in your own life is overwhelming to you. We'll just turn this into one big group therapy hug. Whaddaya say?