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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

A Whole Lotta Sewin' Goin' On

Toy Tool Belt
Originally uploaded by The Stitchin Sheep.
For a supposed knitting blog, there sure has been lots of sewing happening around here lately. This little project was the product of a brainstorming session this morning. We have three toddler birthday parties in one week and nowhere near the funds for all the gift-giving generally involved.

So, as we're learning around here, a bit of creativity can be more interesting than whipping out the credit card. This is gift #1 all finished up and modeled by Lambchop #1. It's a toy tool belt. The little boy it's for is an avid tool lover and just about my daughter's size. It was a pretty simple sewing job, except I decided to attempt to get all fancy with the hammer stitched on the right pocket there. Machine stitching of that sort and I are not good buddies, and I had to backstitch over it by hand to make it look presentable.

The other project that is not entirely finished will be for a three-year-old boy. I made a few bean bags, and I've asked our family woodcraftsman to make a few holes in a square board. I'll paint it up with some paints we've got around here, and he'll have his very own bean bag toss.

The other kid whose party comes up this week is a girl my daughter's age. I'm thinking I'll whip up a bit of fun jewelry for her. This is all very good practice for when my daughter's birthday comes around later this month.