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Friday, July 08, 2005

Dear Sock Pal,

Dear Sock Pal,
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Yay! I've finished one of your socks (of course, you won't know this since you don't know who I am). I kind of like it. I looks pretty fun to me. I really hope you agree on that. And, I'm even pretty proud of the technical aspects involved here. I learned to do some decent short row heels and toes while knitting this guy up, and I've really come to see why so many people are addicted to sock knitting. If you find the method that clicks with your style of knitting and your personality, they'll be like a box of Pringles for you, I fear. Short rows were definitely the key for me. They feel like magic somehow.

My husband even seemed impressed. He grew up surrounded by knitters who made some nice socks, so that's really saying something. I don't recall him even picking out any flaws (which he's excellent at) when he checked them out. So, should I be proud or suggest he get his vision checked?? For now, I'm proud, even if I am a bit nervous about whether my pal will like them. Cross your fingers for me.