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Monday, July 11, 2005

Chained Down

I've been somewhat tethered to my almost-four-year-old today. We had a great weekend, full of fun parties, and she decided to end the fun by vomiting on herself in the car on the way back home last night. I first thought it was a case of "too much of a good thing," but she apparently is out to prove me wrong. Must be some stomach bug, because she's been a mess all day, though, luckily for us, the vomiting stopped this morning (and was never constant, at least). I feel so bad for her. It's rough to be a sick kid. And, you know they don't feel well when they won't even play. So, I've been stuck in the house all day attempting to get some things done in the kitchen while keeping an eye on the little one. I made a large batch of pizza dough for freezing and for tomorrow's lunch, a batch of messed-up mozzarella cheese (oops) that we hope will at least melt right and some savory muffins using some leftovers that needed to be gotten rid of (ended up being quite tasty, actually).

No knitting has happened around here, but I intend to change that while watching a movie this evening.

What a boring post. Sorrry. Maybe something of interest will come to me later.