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Monday, July 18, 2005

A Bug Flew Up My Nose

Great post title, don't you think? Sounds a bit like a book title for eight-year-olds. I was fretting over what to call this post. The only thing that came to mind was a short description of the sewing project I started this evening. And, just as I started to type in the words, a bug flew up my nose - and even escaped alive. It was a little one. A gnat, I believe. So, there you go. A behind the scenes look at how a ridiculous title is born.

Enough of that. It must be something in the water. I have been a bit "off" all evening. I received several worried/amused looks from my husband earlier while dancing and singing a song from Mary Poppins to entertain my little lambchops. They loved it. He looked like he was contemplating whipping out the straight jacket and calling out the men in white coats.

Anyway, about that sewing project... I believe mentioned the 20 pieces of kids' clothing I got for 60 euros on sale the other day. Maybe I didn't. Either way. I got 20 pieces of kids' clothing the other day for 60 euros. I'll save you the trouble of doing the math - that's an average of 3 euros per piece (oh, and, they're all new, in case you were wondering). Most of them are t-shirts in various sizes, plus a few pairs of pants. A lot of the t-shirts are white. I've been thinking about the possibility of dyeing some, but I'm not sure I want to go that far. I did, however, have the brilliant idea of adding a bit of interest to a couple of plain white tank tops. My daughter and her cousin are almost exactly the same age (4 days separates their birthdays), so I've got yet another birthday to think about this week. What's with all the sex that apparently goes on in the fall? Are people afraid their nether regions are going to frost over for the winter, so they want to get some good use out of them before they do? Whatever it is, there are entirely too many kids born in the summer months - myself included. It sucks when you're little, and you don't get to celebrate your birthday at school. Then, when you do have a party, all your friends are out of town on vacation. Not fair. Yeah, ummm, slight digression. Where were we?

Oh, yes, my idea, which has half become reality so far, is to add a flower to one shirt and a butterfly to another. Shirts decorated in this manner, in my experience, instantly become favorites with a 4-year-old girl. So, tonight after exhausting my throat singing way too many lullabies, I sat down with some long-neglected quilting scraps and cut out some shapes. They're all ready to be sewn on. Maybe I'll get a chance to do that this weekend. I have another larger sewing project I want to tackle for a friend, as well, so I'm planning to do several sewing tasks in one day. Can I slip a swimsuit for myself in there too, you think? Nah, that may take a wee bit more planning. But, I did get the fabric to make one today. I'm not even sure I want to post a picture of that when finished. It's like showing off your most recently purchased bra on the internet. Not sure any of us want to go there.