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Saturday, July 16, 2005

A Birthday Sparkler

A Birthday Sparkler
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I'm throwing this picture in for several reasons. One, I love the pun it allows me to make. Are you ready for it? My baby boy's eyes are not the only things that sparkle. Corny, I know. No, don't click away. Take your hand of the mouse and back it slowly away. I promise not to make anymore dumb puns like that if you'll stay.

Another reason to show this photo is to let you in on a bizarre (at least to me) habit the French have. "What's that?", you ask. Well, the sparkler is sticking out of a birthday cake. That's right, fellow American's, the 4th of July sparkler your mother always warned you could poke your eye out or set your hair on fire is used in France to decorate the cake's of three-year-olds. How's that for a cultural difference? Little Lambchop #2 was loving it though (not his birthday, by the way).

Oh, and yet another reason to show this shot is to give Grandma the chance to see that our little boy's black eye healed up nicely only to be replaced by the nice black and blue lump on his forehead. It's rough being a toddler.