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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Kodak Moments

There are many moments in life where you wish you had a camera, or at least you wish you had thought to use the camera you do have. Thanks to camera/cell phones and the digital age, in general, it seems very few "Kodak Moments" slip past bloggers these days. I, being without a cell phone, though, have missed many a great shot. Like the other day when Lambchop #2 asked for a small triangle of sheep cheese only to stick it to the fridge like a magnet. Daddy, having been taught never to waste food, was livid. But, how can a father scold his son when Mommy is laughing so hard she has tears in her eyes (don't worry, I had the good sense to cover my face with my hands and laugh silently, so for all Lambchop knew, I was crying because of his naughtiness)?

This past week, I have tried to consider the loved ones in our lives that are far away and can't witness all the silly things our kids do - plus, these kinds of stories just make for really great blog chitchat. Who needs to force themselves to come up with material with my kids around? This stuff writes itself. So, without further ado, I present to you a few of the most noteworthy moments of this past week.

First off, I couldn't resist showing our newest sweety sound asleep. Precious, don't you think?

The next two pictures need a little explanation. First, the "boots". Next door at my father-in-law's house, there is a large room packed full of boxes and other items needing to be stored. Most of the boxes contain our belongings that don't fit well into our tiny temporary home. There are lots of kids' toys that I got tired of tripping over, as well as an assortment of Christmas decorations. Okay, that pretty much sets the background up for us. So, I'm cooking dinner while the two older Lambchops are visiting their grandfather nextdoor. They come busting in through the kitchen door, while Lambchop #1 is saying, "Don't look at me. Don't look at me." Well, you know what people do when you say that. Basically, she doesn't want me to look, because she doesn't want me to stop her from smuggling in the armful of baby toys she has brought over for her new sister. Very sweet, so I don't say anything. Then, I look down at her feet, and all I can think to do is grab the camera. She's wearing Christmas stockings as boots.

Next up is the bath scene. Same evening. I've filled the bath with bubbles in order to coax them in for a good scrubbing. The kids are in and having fun when the phone rings. I answer it and then hear, "It's snowing. It's snowing." coming from the bathroom. I enter to find bubbles everywhere. As you can see, (while scolding them) I thought to grab the camera. Do you think that asking them to say cheese pretty much cancels out my scolding them? Yeah, I would think so, too, but at least we'll have this picture to laugh at when the kids are out of the house.

Another missed Kodak Moment was the finishing and blocking of that center square of the baby shawl. It looks lovely, and it really grew A LOT. I meant to take a quick shot of it, but since it was finished blocking after dark, and I picked up stitches before going to bed last night, it's really not much to look at now. It's 35 inches square, which is sufficiently large for a baby, but I'm a little stuck now. I'm wondering what I should do next. At first I was planning to do two separate borders around this center square, but now I'm starting to consider just making a ruffled edge. Or maybe I'll do a little border section and then a ruffled edge. Any suggestions. What do you think would be best? I just can't quite decide. The lazy side of me says to do the ruffles and get it over with. The designer side says a nice buffer zone would be good between that main square and the ruffles. What do you think?