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Friday, August 11, 2006


"Big" events in my life are almost always preceded by a lack of sleep. Each year when school started back up, the last night of summer vacation was a mess for me. Excitement, or possibly anxiety would keep me awake most of the night, and when I did sleep it was quite fitfully. I even distinctly remember a morning in high school when I was up at the crack of dawn, all dressed and ready for the first day, voluntarily doing the dishes for lack of anything else to occupy my mind. The same happens when I travel, especially by plane. Oh, and there are also the nervous butterflies that cause me horrible nausea.

It would seem that child birth is no different from the first day of school or stepping onto a Boeing 747. It makes me anxious. The dropping of the baby into my pelvis (officially called "lightening," which I find ironic, since the baby feels quite a bit heavier to me now) appears to have triggered a bit of nighttime insomnia. I say nighttime, because I was actually able to nap today. Had to, really, since the fatigue caused by waking every couple of hours, convinced I was having contractions (I'm sure I had a few, but not THAT many) rendered me utterly useless. Just so you're aware, I am still pregnant. Nothing seems to have changed there. I'm really not sure what this antsiness means, but I do know that it'd better not last too long, or I'll be too tired to push this baby out. As it is now, I'm too tired to get any chores done. This hampers the whole nesting reflex badly. I want to clean, but as soon as I start, I'm ready to stop. Instead, I roam aimlessly around the house trying to decide what to do next. I inevitably choose to sit for a while, since the "lightening" has caused quite a bit of discomfort. You ever feel like all your internal organs are falling out throw a hole not large enough to allow for it? Yeah, probably not, but that's pretty much what it feels like. Obviously, this is not a real morale booster. It's got me thinking that, though I'm a couple of weeks away from my due date, I could certainly stand to have the baby in the next few days (my other two came a few days early and were quite healthy).

In a later post, I hope to share such fun items as "Tattoo Barbie" and her good pal "Street Walker Barbie". We have both here at the house, and they may even be up for a little photo shoot or even an interview. Stayed tuned for that (since I can't sit still long enough to knit, this putting a damper on any knitting activity).