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Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Ideal Food

I sincerely believe I have found the ideal food. I bought it at the organic factory outlet store that we pass by between home and Lyon (north of us). It's totally fat free. It's organic. It's kosher (if that's a concern for you). And, it's even vegan, in case you're looking for that. Then, there's the fact that it's delicious.

What is this mysterious food? maple syrup, of course! I mean, sure, it's mostly sugar, and may not be ideally suited for diabetics, but when you add all those other qualities up, doesn't it just sound like the perfect food?

While we're on the subject of maple syrup, I should mention a little something I've learned from an article I read. Most of the time, when you find it, it's Grade A. Now, we think of beef or other products and assume Grade A is the best. Not so if you're looking for flavor in maple syrup. Originally, the Grade A syrup was used to make sugar, so the lighter the color, the better. Therefor, it was also more expensive than grades B and C. This is still the case (the money part), but if you're looking for flavor to go with your pancakes (and not just liquid sugar taste) go for the "lower" grades. This means, the darker the syrup looks in the bottle, the better the flavor will be. Usually, you can find Grade B pretty easily in the US, as far as I've read, and Grade C is often used industrially, because you don't need much to give a pretty strong maple flavor. I'm lucky enough that I can get this organic syrup in Grade C, and boy is it tasty!

Just a little info I thought I might share to improve your next pancake breakfast.