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Sunday, July 02, 2006

When You're Right, You're Right

Remember back about a week ago when I told you that "chipmunk" was the new sexy? Remember we hypothesized that it would become the next in thing. One of my commenters even thought that Paris Hilton would soon be sporting that look. I'm starting to think that in areas not infested with wasps, the fashion conscious will be flocking to their nearest plastic surgeon in search of a bit of collagen to achieve the desired effect. Why do I think this? Well, I've already seen one person copying what I originally considered my own personal chipmunk style.

Now, I personally think he took things a little too far, but then high fashion is all about extremes (just look at the runways for an example of that). I didn't think it was necessary in his case, because he's by far the hottest thing around already. I mean, he already had those big, beautiful, full lips people pay big money for. But, I guess he felt he just needed a little something different this season. And, my chipmunk cheek must have given him an idea of what he was yearning after. So, this morning, bright an early, my husband set out in search of the ideal insect for the task. I think he actually found two volunteers. And, I'm not one to complain, because they were thorough and all, but it's a bit uneven. Kind of like a boxer at the end of a fight, if you ask me. I guess his new look will take some getting used to. For now, though, we'll just have to cover it up with some of that green clay.

When I saw him, it actually almost made me cry. All those pregnancy hormones really do affect my emotions. I just felt so sorry for him. Still do, actually, and if you saw him, you just might want to cry, too (of course, your crying might be out of fear of the hideous monster before you - no really, he's still cute in a Mike-Tyson-after-a-big-fight sort of way).

In better news, we spent a decent portion of yesterday afternoon at the pregnant lady store Ikea. I lost count of how many pregnant women I saw there. To the untrained eye, it would appear that they were shopping for furniture for the new baby's room. I, being pregnant myself, know better. They were all there to take avantage of the air conditioned environment. I know that's why we went. After having two days of 90-degree weather in our own kitchen (not necessarily the hottest room in the house), it was time for a break. The haul of goodies we brought home was secondary. The kids went a little crazy in the store and were reprimanded with ice cream afterwards. Anyway, we walked away from there about 400 euros poorer, but the kids now have a nice set of bunk beds (the excuse we used to go there). We really needed to get that taken care of, so we could start transitioning Lambchop #2 out of the crib he's so fond of before the baby needs it. So, that process will start today. They're excited. I'm excited. I mean, this means that we'll at least have one thing prepared for the baby before it arrives. It may not have a nice new home to sleep in. And, we may not be able to take it anywhere in the new car we still need to buy, but at least, it won't be bedless.

I don't have much in the way of knitting news. I've been nesting a lot this past week, so I haven't sat down much. In other crafting news, I bought some material at Ikea yesterday (who knew they sold material by the yard?) to make curtains for the new house. We've decided to go for quick and easy shelving in the kitchen and bath that will someday be replaced by nice cabinets. For now, I'll just make some curtains to cover up the shelving and all the contents. Twenty bucks for an entire kitchen curtain job instead of the hundreds you'd need for nice carpentry. Now it's up to Muttonchop to make some shelves, and we'll be in business.