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Monday, June 19, 2006

Potty Mouth

One of the best things about living outside of the native English-speaking world is reading t-shirts. It's very stylish to wear English words lettered across your chest. One great one I saw was a 10-year-old wearing the word "SEXY" painted across her still unbloomed rack-section. Yeah, only to a pedophile (we're probably going to get some great internet search hits on this post). That one, however age inappropriate, at least made sense (and could actually be understood by the French, though they don't tend to use the word as much as we may in English, I think).

In Spain, I've seen shirts with random strings of words forming complete non-sensical sentences. The best, though, is when the words make sense together but are totally ridiculous. Today's sighting was one of the best examples of this I've ever seen.

On a t-shirt worn by a toddler:

"Hippie poopy fields where girls rule and boys drool."

I'm thinking it should have read "happy poppy fields," but I really like their version better. I just don't ever want to be caught in one of those hippie poopy fields. How about you? I mean, really, I know that hippies are all for living simply and ecologically, but a toilet wouldn't hurt too much, would it?