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Friday, June 16, 2006

One Down, One To Go

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As I promised (Wow! Two days worth of keeping promises - what is the world coming to? I'm going to have to stop this or you'll come to expect unrealistic things like promptness and predictability from me), here's a little photo of my first finished Go With the Flow Sock. It's really hard to tell from the picture in the magazine what the pattern should look like up close, so for all I know I did it all wrong, but I like the results.

I really like this dainty kind of pattern with a what I might otherwise call a bland color.

Okay, let's make this short, because somebody has to get dinner on the table...

The details:
Yarn: Knit Picks Essential sock yarn
Color: Fawn
Pattern: Go With the Flow sock from Summer 2005 IK
Modifications: I shortened the leg portion a bit

I give the pattern two thumbs up, for sure. The sock yarn I was a little uncertain about, but I have decided that if it washes well, it's a winner (I have yet to wash it). It seemed a bit scratchy while I was knitting with it, but it doesn't feel bad on my feet. Now I'll just have to wait till it gets cold again to actually wear them - oh, what am I saying? There is no "them". I'd better get to work on the second one. I'm actually itching to do so, but I did promise myself I'd finish at least the center section of that baby shawl first.

I won't show any boring progress shots of that, because, well, they'd be boring, but I've got about 10 pattern repeats left to go before I've finished that section and can start picking up stitches for the borders. I haven't stopped to calculate the enormous number of stitches I'll be picking up, but I'm pretty sure I don't want to know for now.