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Sunday, July 09, 2006

And, Away We Go!

What a busy-hectic week we've had around here. A birthday party yesterday... lots of fun for the kiddos and even mommy, but a little far of a drive. Cleaning the house as best as possible before heading off to Germany for the Great Car Hunt, which starts this afternoon. Getting all the paperwork ready for said Great Car Hunt. I think we've got everything in order. Reserving hotel and car. So many things to do before such a trip. I'm really excited though, which, unfortunately for me, means that I haven't been sleeping all that well these past couple of nights. Puts a little damper on the energy level I need for all this cleaning and preparing, but it'll soon be over.

The really good news in all this is that I had found a car a little while ago that is not far from the French border. This is really good, because my sister-in-law's boyfriend is from an area just next to the border. His father is retired and has a good friend who is what? None other than an auto mechanic specializing in 4X4s. The close proximity of the car I found made it possible for the two of them (who speak fluent German) to head on over the border and check the car out. After spending almost an hour of quality time with it and the salesman (who speaks impeccable French), they gave it an enthustiastic thumbs up. With all of these things falling into place, it's like the car was made just for us. So, fingers crossed, we'll be hopping on a plane in a few hours. We land in Frankfurt this evening and will spend the night there. Since it's the financial and shopping capital of Germany (apparently), we've decided to spend the morning visiting a few wine shops while we're there. I'm hoping to accidentally stumble into a certain yarn shop while I'm waiting for my husband to do his thing. Then, it's off to the south with a rented car to hopefully fetch our own. If we're lucky, all will go smoothly, and we can head home a couple days afterwards.

So, cross your fingers or knitting needles, please. We may need the luck.