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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Homemade Bag (Inside)

Homemade Bag (Inside)
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I really wish I had access to all the fun, vintage fabrics and other great things I see on other people's blogs. I find the local fabric stores near where I live to be somewhat limited in their selection - at least in terms of the coolness factor (I've never actually seen any of those cute alphabet fabrics or stuff with sushi on it up close). But, we work with what materials we can find, right?

The bag I bought from my friend had a pinkish corduroy fabric that is extremely close to the one I chose for this bag (the friend I gave the bag to liked that pink). My bag, however, had some cute flowery fabric inside. The friend I made this one for isn't exactly the dainty, flowery type, so I selected something a bit more her. This one had an Asian look to it, with some kind of Asian tree and some seal-looking things on it, as well. It went nicely with the outer fabric, so I went with it.

The part you don't see is that there is a little pocket on the other side of the bag. My friend was very pleased with this feature. Apparently, it's the little details that matter most.