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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bag Lady

Homemade Bag
Originally uploaded by The Stitchin Sheep.
Here's is my friend. She's a bag lady but a chic one, don't you think? A while back, she had admired the look, design, size and construction of a bag I had bought from another, bag-making friend. I told her that I should be able to do a pretty decent job of duplicating the bag for her, even if I'm no expert seamstress.

This friend is not at all crafty (though I'm sure she'd be capable if she tried). Her hobby is keeping her house squeaky clean. I admire her clean home, and she admires my crafts. So, from time to time I make her a little something (when should I ask her to come over and clean my house??). She's always a very happy recipient, which makes the giving even more fun. You can't see her face, but she's quite pleased with her little bag. It was a nice quicky project, too, after having fought with ruffles and other fun things (like jean sewing) for the apron.

Up next will be a little post for the lining.