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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Homemade Apron

Homemade Apron
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Finally, a picture! Please ignore the model's beer belly (or whatever that bulge is). You'd think they could get somebody with better curves for such a photo shoot, but apparently all the non-pregnant models in the area were busy at that time.

I love this thing. It makes me feel so June Cleaver-like. I know it's not gingham, but I feel frilly when I wear it. A few details on the materials to amuse the tightwads among us:

The jean material is an old, worn out skirt I've always loved but couldn't wear anymore due to a gaping hole in the back slit. The light green fabric is some cheapy-cheapy fabric they were selling at the local fabric store. The plaid stuff is something I think my great Aunt picked up at a garage sale for really cheap (somehow it got passed on to me - incidentally, I'm starting to picture the rest being used for curtains and bedding for Lambchop #1's bedroom.). There's also some lining for the plaid and the green fabrics, because they're pretty thin. The lining was made out of another well-loved garment (light-weight denim shirt) that I could no longer wear.

I'm very pleased with the results, and if we don't count the time I spent sewing fighting with my machine, it was very cheap.

Edited To Add:

Two things about this apron that I find funny. First, I am so happy with it, I'm almost afraid to wear it for fear I'll get it dirty (which, naturally, defeats the purpose of an apron). Second, I don't know what it is about aprons, but people keep asking me if I'm going to wear it naked for my husband (this may be way more information than you want to know, especially given the enormity of my pregnant belly, but we're all about full disclosure around here, right?). I think my husband mentioned it, jokingly. Then, my mother asked the same thing (yeah, Mom and I apparently have a special sort of relationship). Then, the friend I gave the bag to (see next post) said the same thing when I showed it to her.

Am I missing something here? Is there some secret apron fetish out there that I don't know about (I'm sure a little google search would find some photos of it if there are any)? These people don't even all come from the same culture, and they've got the same perverted thoughts. Maybe that says something about the type of person I tend to surround myself with. Hmmm. Something to ponder. We'll stay away from lingering thoughts about hanging around the house naked aside from a frilly apron, though...

I actually did that little google search. Didn't see anything that I'd label as porn in the first page or two of results, but did you know that there is such a thing as a "naked apron"? Kind of funny. They're novelty, "adult" aprons with pictures of a naked body on the apron, itself. Maybe that would be preferable to seeing me naked in my apron. Yeah, let's put somebody else's perfect body on me, instead.