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Monday, October 31, 2005

So, Witch Is It?

So, Witch Is It?
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Here's a our big lambchop in her Halloween costume. I'd much prefer something sweet like an princess or a fairy, but here in France, since Halloween is an imported holiday, everyone thinks you must be something scary. They've already got their own general dress-up holiday in the Spring, so they go for scary in October.

She's still a cutie, though, but check out the scary red-eye. Something must have come over her when she hopped on that broom.

And, just for the tightwads among you, this costume cost me all of 2 euros. She's wearing my black t-shirt, my tights (they're just above knee-length on me but go all the way up to her butt), a pair of her own black shoes, and I got the broom and hat for about a buck each at the store. Not bad, if I do say so myself (and, I do). Best to save this kind of throw together costume for the little ones, though, since if the shirt and tights were any shorter she'd have been able to compete in some sort of Halloween Costume Contest with Hugh Heffner's girls. I'll have to spring for the real dress in a few years!