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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Random Triviality

Roaming knitblogdom this morning, I came across a meme. Since I have little else to show this morning (dear husband of mine seems to have wandered off with the digital camera - who does he think he is anyway? Just because he pays the bills around here, he thinks he can just...), I'll share some random thoughts about myself with you.

So, here you have 20 bits of random information about me (and, I'm not passing it on):

1) I don't have a list of 100 things about myself, so I'm using this moment as an opportunity to talk about myself (but, luckily for you, not endlessly).
2) I sucked my thumb till I was two (edited to add: Mom so kindly points out that I was, in fact three), when my mom put some nasty stuff on it (it worked).
3) She never did succeed in getting me to stop "twirling my hair" (it's a nervous fidgeting thing I do for comfort).
4) Knitting is about the only thing that stops me from twirling my hair, though I often do it when I stop knitting for even a moment.
5) I speak three languages fluently, but I wish it were more.
6) I have a master's degree but have never had a "real job".
7) I don't even know what "real job" my degree qualifies me for.
8) I am an obsessive researcher (I look up any and every little thing I may possibly be curious about - this is why I love the internet).
9) I didn't want kids until I met my husband.
10) My husband would love to populate the universe with his own offspring (hmmm, that's not really about me - the part about me would be that I am not there with him on that one).
11) I'm a housewife who is very bad at her job.
12) I love to cook but can't stand to clean up the aftermath.
13) I regularly bake my own bread.
14) I've been baking my own bread long enough that bakery-bought bread (and we're in France, here) doesn't taste that good to me anymore.
15) I'm a sucker for organic foods and anything with "old-fashioned" packaging.
16) Sometimes I think I would love to have lived a Century ago, but most times I know I'm too lazy for it.
17) I was a child bride (okay, well I was 19 but that was too young) (edited to add: now that I think about it, my 20th birthday had just passed - still to young).
18) I was a very young divorcée.
19) I owned a home by the age of 22.
20) I always seemed "mature" for my age (now I'm happy to be immature whenever the mood strikes me - kids are great for this).

Well, there you go. And, soon, I hope to have some not-so-random pictures to show. They're actually knitting-related, because - well, this is a knitting blog. They will feature some of that KoolAid dyed yarn spun up (not yet plied, though). They will also feature a finished pair of socks, which means I now must go and finish them. I'm on the toe of the second one, so chances are, we'll be celebrating a finished object very soon. Ooh, and we'll take pictures of the make-shift, thrown-together Halloween costumes for this year (got to do that while they're young and don't realize they're wearing electrical tape).