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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Double Your Pleasure

Double Your Pleasure
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Since I am fully determined to finish that Toddler Cable Sweater as fast as possibly so that my baby can be warm, I, of course, cast on for a brand new project. It's shameful, really, because I've still got my husband's striped sweater (from last year) and his socks to finish, too. The sweater has mostly been frogged. Did I mention that? I got in the mood to undo old projects a couple of weeks ago. It doesn't hurt so much when you've forgotten how much time you spent knitting them in the first place.

The stripey sweater really had to go. Not the idea. Just the sweater itself and not even the whole thing. Just the entire body. You may remember I finished a good 85% of it only to realize I wouldn't have enough yarn to make the whole thing (unless I wanted to do that whole Fame-I-want-to-live-forever, off-the-shoulder look for my husband - nah, didn't think so).

As it turns out, my husband doesn't have a size 50 waist, after all, so it really was a bit too large. He doesn't really need a sweater he can swim in. It just needs one to keep him warm. And, somehow, planning for a future when he'll be enormous with all sorts of fat-related health problems doesn't seem like such a good idea. So, I frogged it. Problem is, the yarn's all kinky now, so it needs to be fixed. I've done a portion of it, but I can't start reknitting until I finish the rest.

Aaaaand, that'll be my excuse for casting on for this scarf. Well, that and the fact that Christmas is coming. This'll be a gift for a family member. I can't say who, because we draw names, and it's supposed to be a big secret. I'll surely end up telling my husband by the time the big day comes around, but for now, it's a secret.

Pertinent Info:
85% wool/15% cashmere yarn (so soft)
Black is from Anny Blatt (see most recent stash enrichment expedition)
Grey is from Phildar.
Pattern: I'm making this stuff up as I go along, as is often the case around here.
Idea: came from Spring 2005 issue of InKnitters, which has an excellent article on double knitting.

It's pretty simple. Just double knitting, which seems complicated till you get the hang of it. The best thing about it is the fact that I get to knit with both hands, which I haven't done in a really long time. I've been wanting to do some fair isle, because I love that ambidextrous feeling you get from working with the yarn from both hands. I just didn't have any fair isle-suitable yarn. But, hey! Who needs it? We'll do some double knitting instead.