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Saturday, October 15, 2005


Nobody ever passes these little meme things over to me, for which, most of the time, I am extremely grateful, by the way. Today, though, this one just struck me as funny, so I'm going to share. I've seen it on a couple other blogs, and here's how it works. You google your own name with "needs" after it. Then, you marvel at the bizarre results. Results like these...

Krista needs help with her sunscreen.
Krista needs to practice her wise-girl accent with someone.
Krista needs to have someone tell her to straighten her act out...
...when Krista needs to leave.

AAAAAAAAAND my personal favorite (drumroll please)

Krista needs to give up tv and go back to porn where she belongs.

That's right, I seem to share my name with a porn star. Really, this meme is better than horoscopes to figure out what you need to do with your life. I mean, this has given me such direction. Excuse me while I go call my agent. I believe I have a film to star in.